Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crash Bang Wallop What A Pizza

Did I say pizza? I meant "picture".

I've been away, but I have a note from my mum.

I took a few photos today on a drive round neighbouring Bedfordshire to cover my indolence.

There's still a lot of standing water in the fields, tho Bedfordshire received hardly any compared to some of the western counties. So many are flooded, with no sign of it easing. 

It seems to be Spring, even tho my friends in the States are still up to their noses in snow.

These lads are popping up everywhere.

The view upwards from Dunstable Downs. Must be nice to be up there looking down, too.

There were lots of these "sit down parachutes" being flown. Launched from the ground on an up-gust, they looked pretty amazing.

Not a glamorous subject material, your average fence post. But hey, this one was pretty cool.

It's a boat in a field. Yes, it defies deconstruction. It involved a twenty mile round-trip after I saw this at high speed from the car, and a small amount of harmless trespass, but I had to get this shot.

Thanks for your patience.

New tales soon!


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