Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Thanking Clouds In Earnest

Ah, Summer. 

I love the Summer, but I think we had ours last week. A frantic five days of insane temperatures and humidity (for the UK, that is), and now we're back to wind and rain. Tho obviously, as the season dictates, the rain is lovely and warm. 

Here's some pics. (Give 'em a click for a closer view, it's worth it.)

And yes, new stories to follow soon, honest. 

A lovely view along Norton Common in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. I used to live near here a few years back, and I don't think the sky has changed much since. Still, I'm loving the daisies. 

In fact, it turned very heavy and brooding as I wandered around town, peaking in this shot above one of the town's many churches. Not the prettiest edifice, to be sure. But a lovely contrast to the boiling sky. 

Better weather a few days later as I headed into Norfolk to see my good buds Zoe and Roses. I forget where this windmill is, but it posed beautifully, and didn't wave its arms about too much. It could have done with a lick of paint, mind, but I was on a schedule and didn't want to be late for dinner. 

Several months ago, I posted some nice shots of the red-leafed Virginia Creeper on Zoe's house. Between seasons, it returns to this. Not as beautiful, but very striking, especially against the red brickwork. Remember the triffids? 

I have a bit of a thing for wind turbines. I know a lot of folk don't, and perhaps I wouldn't want one on my doorstep, but they make for nice photographic subjects. 

This is the magnificent front elevation of Ely Cathedral. I spend a lot of time there these days with the frankly gorgeous Lisa; an evening walk round the town is something very special, especially with my beloved for company. I'd like to thank the clouds for their cooperation. 

Tick-Tock goes the Cathedral clock. A portion of the front elevation. The long lens did its job. 

The Octagon Tower at the rear of the Cathedral. It's really quite something, but sadly I'm too, erm, "muscular and manly"* to climb the tiny wee staircase to take in the view from its roof. 

[ * Not a euphemism for "fat". No way. *looks shifty* ]

The Cathedral does have a habit of looming from certain angles. This may be one of them. Beautiful, nonetheless. 

Closer to home, the River Ouse. The skies were having to chase me to keep up, mind. 

A slice of England. Enough said. 

To finish, perhaps nature's finest gentle creature, the humble cow. It's the eyes, I think? This one chewed cud contemplatively as I snapped it from the car. Just stood there. As soon as I pulled away, it returned to breakdancing. 

I'll get a shot of that next time.  


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