Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Outbreak Of Sea Fever

I'm must go down to the bins again, to the lonely bins by the shed,
Where a genius friend nails sky-tall tasks, a foil hat on his head,
While an engineer with square and tape, his briar pipe inching smoke,
Sees badgers jape in tights and cape, hiding things they've broke.

I must call in on Abbey soon, and bring her back for tea,
With sausage rolls and über-eclairs, plus a slice of 'za for me,
While a big black bear, his pinkie raised, and an elephant in a coat,
Scold a scoundrel lion in stolen tie, as he shares an anecdote.

I must be lucky in this life, to be right here right now,
Surrounded by the best of folk, and never knowing how,
For all I ask is a comfy seat, and the company of good friends,
And all the pizza I can eat, until this fine day ends.


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With apologies to John Masefield (1878 – 1967)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Butler Didn't Do It

Sometimes, you get a break just when you need one.

It's October 2010. After some very stressful weeks getting important stuff done*, I was delighted to be invited to one of Bear's parties. He's just got engaged to his girlfriend Clarice, and I can think of no better reason to celebrate. Anyway, the pair of them love an excuse to dress up, so they decided to hold a murder-mystery party based on CLUEDO/CLUE.

[*Vague, I know.]

I just got back. Here's a picture of us, all dolled up.

CLUEDO, Bear style. The guy can party. (The picture's worth a click, there's tons of detail.)

From left to right:

Colonel Bear Mustard - The lad himself. Trust him to nab the best costume opportunity. But he carries it off magnificently, don't you think? The moustache was a nice touch; I can just see him sipping a gin and tonic in Poonah, India during the Reign of Victoria. And trust me, this fella can roar like a general.

Miss Clarice Peacock - Bear's beautiful fiancée. An American bear, originally from the deep woods in Augusta, Georgia. She'd not played the game before, so I explained that we were there to solve the murder of Doctor Black. For added realism, King provided a dead zebra, which he declared was Dr. Black-White, a close relative. I thought he'd never stop laughing.

Professor Indigo Plum - I dug out one of Uncle Idaho's old smoking jackets. I think he'd been smoking kippers in it. There was still one in the pocket, in fact. Luckily, there was time to dry clean it, else I'd never have got a date. On which subject...

Miss Abbey Scarlet - My lovely next door neighbour, and date for the evening. Blonde today, in a simple red t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Bare feet, as ever. Not exactly pulling out all the stops on the costume front, but every time she spoke to me I forgot my name.

Reverend Max Green - Taking time off from invading Bolivia in a submarine, Herr Doktor Tunguska brought his own murder weapons along. I salute him; when he method acts, this guy goes deep. Of course, the Reverend's attire is his own. He's diverse.

"Mrs" T-101 White - A late addition to the party. This decommissioned Terminator has been in the shed for a while, but agreed to cross-dress to play the cook and make up the boy/girl ratio. He rather liked the idea, actually, and already had his own pig-tailed wig. Worrying. The chef's apron was another late addition; we didn't want to frighten the horses.

We had a lot of fun.

And the butler didn't do it.

It turned out it was Max in the Lavatory with the Chainsaw.

Some things never change.


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Shameless Bit Of Misdirection

I have a half-written story on my computer. Well, an outline. I really need to get it written, but... ooooh look, PHOTOS!

*runs and hides*

I saw this lad in a field as I drove home one night at twilight. I had to get a photo for my good friend Jayne Martin, who tells me that he's a Gypsy Cob.

After a long drive round this morning, this is the only good photo I took. Spring has indeed sprung.

I'm rather pleased with this. Sharper than my last attempt a year ago.

A local house. I had shade to take it from, and the weather and clouds and pretty much the whole thing conspired to be interesting.

Too good to miss. I did some severe cropping from the top because of some movement in the branches, but the final letterbox effect is very pleasing.

Spring sap rising. This was all about the colour.

Not a very attractive bridge, but this begged to be captured as the sky was cooperating.

The view from one end of the bridge. I like the tractor lines and the zig-zag landscape.

When I was dropping a friend back at work, he pointed out a nearby duckpond. This handsome drake was king of the water.

A sleepy lad/lass peeps out from under Mum's wing. There's actually half a dozen of them under there!

A little later, under bright skies, the duckling came out for a nap in the sun...

... but got too hot and made a mad dash for the water!

Thanks for visiting!


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