Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Idiots Were Harmed

Right, Sunday again, and not a word written. Which is okay, as I'm working full time during the week and doing volunteer work at a dog shelter at the weekends.

Still, it bothers me. Best do something about it.

While you're waiting, here's some pictures from this week.

As is often the case when I stop suddenly on a country lane because I see something cool, this dead tree almost caused me to join it. *

Yes, a bale of straw. But lines, colours, skies. Were there a few red poppies, we'd really have something going on here.

Same field. Unremarkable in itself, but the colours have really come along as it's ripened up over the past couple of weeks. I look forward to eating these as Shredded Wheat in a few weeks.

Honestly, I just like the roof tiles. It's very "rural English".

Big skies are the only real subject matter here, and there's nothing remotely humorous to say about it. I'm almost tempted to delete it. Bah.

Too good to ignore, tho I was trespassing. In a car. And almost in a ditch.

I photographed this tree a couple of years ago, and it's always a beauty. I think this is just outside Trinity College. As ever, sunshine makes the shot.

Um... I forget which college this courtyard belongs to. They still hang you if you walk on the grass in Cambridge. But pretty spiffy tho, right?

My favourite church clock, at Great Saint Mary's, Cambridge. I sense that they may have replaced the hands, faceplate and mechanism several times since 1679, but everything else is original.

The gatehouse at King's College, Cambridge. I know some of the details about its design and construction, but honestly they're rather dull. It was such a lovely day, and the skies were cooperating. That is all.

Driving home, I felt sure I was driving into a tornado, as it looked ready to touch down. *

But to finish, I wanted to introduce you to a very special lad called Rufus. He's the only dog I've ever met with highlights. I'm hoping he'll be adopted by loving folk this week, which is all any of us deserves.

* No idiots were harmed during the creation of this blog entry.


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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Bless Those Boffins In Cambridge

I miss my afternoon naps.

Work is the curse of the thinking classes, as you know, and now that I'm gainfully employed again, I'm not getting enough snoozes in. This is, as the boffins in Cambridge would say, a Fact. 

Right now, it's Saturday morning, and I'm putting together this blog entry so that I can schedule it to post automatically on Sunday afternoon. 

And what will I be doing on Sunday afternoon after a big dinner?

I think you know.  

I was just on my way home from work when I spotted this bizarre cloud formation. It almost looks like a tube? I didn't see anything in the news about being invaded by aliens. But if we were, they'd probably arrive like this.

And facing the other way, oddly fluffy clouds. No processing here, they really did look this smudged. Some days, you just get lucky. I think that was what the guy in the car behind was trying to tell me, anyway.

I thought this view of Cambridge merely looked interesting, but a friend (hey Dazza!) later commented that it looked like a train: wheels, smoke stack, driver's van. Can you see it? So much for Art.

Close to the office, I stood in the middle of a field at lunchtime to take this. Nobody was at all surprised.

In Woburn, on the way home from seeing Jaco Roth (my smarter, slimmer brother), the deer were sweeping majestically across the plain. Yes, just like they do in Torquay. I lost count of the points on this lad's antlers, but I'm sure a hunter could tell me at a glance.

And when they weren't sweeping, they were nibbling....

... sometimes they nibbled in black and white, too.

It really must be a wonderful view from the local Tudor houses. Tho requiring a lot of clearing up before daring to mow the lawn.

This lad saw me off the premises. In fact, I thought he was going to ask for a lift, he got so close. I took it as a good signal to leave, all the same. 

And I will now too.


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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Load Of Teen Spirit

Here we go again.

Oh, hush.

Some folk say that my photo style in distinctive. But I say I just want you to be sure you've found the right blog.  

Alistair loves this kind of thing. It inexplicably made me hungry.

I was at the seaside yesterday. This ├╝ber-cute pooch was my first photo of the day. I had to photoshop his lead out, mind. Yes, I like to set them free.  

This is a bird. If it was still in colour, I'd remember what sort it is. I DO remember that it's sitting on a lobster pot, mind. I had a photo of a seagull sitting on a wooden post with the sea behind it that I was going to use at this point. But then I realised it wasn't interesting.

Roof tiles. And they could do with a scrub, let's be honest.

Scruffy starlings. One of those two words is unnecessary.

A bluetit (I think) and a sparrow play peek-a-boo. They're probably discussing the inclusion of porridge oats, most of which ended up on the lawn.

I'm told this is a Siskin. That's a new one on me.

A lady blackbird searches for its mate. I saw him about, but he was a shifty bugger, and looked like he'd been drinking.

I'm going to stick my neck out and say this is a great tit? Someone will correct me, I'm sure. Or giggle. He was a handsome little sod - and nicely focused - whatever he was.

A bollard. Ahoy!

Two horse police constables, walking the beat.

If Slash was a horse?

This little beauty wandered over to the car and stuck her nose in through the open window. I thought this was lovely, but she was distressed by my lack of apples and polo mints, and wandered off.

And to finish, this lad. For some reason, this reminds me of Kurt Cobain.

It's probably the hair.

That, and he left a load of teen spirit in the middle of the road. 


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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Readier Than Me To Return

This entry is dedicated to my wonderful friend Jayne Martin. Without her, this would never have been written, and I'd be a far less happy individual. 

Thank you Jayne =) x

I am surrounded by flowers. 

The field is wide and crests the edge of the hill. The beautiful linseed blooms are a blue ocean, a long overdue tide. I've waited weeks to come up here, to wallow in its shallows, to watch the bees dance across its surface. 

Beneath me, the Earth goes about its business, oblivious. 

Beside me, my companion snores gently, enjoying the shade.  

And above me, the arms of the wind turbine circle lazily. We lie in the squat shadow of the turbine's tall trunk, the echoes of its blades turning close to our feet; the sun is high and just behind us. 

This is the hottest part of the day, and we timed our walk well. 

Better yet, we came prepared. A flask of cold water, its contents shared between a cup and a bowl, stands empty and capped nearby, readier than me for the return journey. 

My companion stirs besides me. She rolls and rises, stretching her legs and yawning hugely, before nosing and lapping at the last of the water in her bowl. That done, she settles back beside me. Her dark fur will follow me home after I return her to the dog sanctuary at the end of my shift. 

This is my final walk of the day, and I made it a good one. 

Shall we head back, Sweetie? I ask the border collie, fussing her absently. She raises her head and looks at me inquisitively, intelligently. Possibly she's unsure that she heard me correctly? Then she shifts her gaze towards the gyring shadow blades below us. The trio arc slowly, hypnotically. They mark the seconds, but stretch the minutes into downtime. 

Her point is well made. 

You’re right. I guess we're in no hurry.   

She thumps her tail appreciatively for a moment, and settles back to sleep.

I am lulled by the lazy humming of forgetful bees.

And I dream of the sea. 


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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Framed In Floofy Clouds

Well, summer is officially here. I'm brimming with story ideas, but as I've been working at the animal sanctuary today, and have a new job to go to tomorrow, I hope you won't mind a few photos. 

Finally, I found some linseed in flower. Everywhere has been chock full of that dreadful yellow oil seed stuff this year, but the purple is now here. This is my favourite summer sight, I must confess. 

A wary chicken. They say objects in the rear view mirror appear closer than they are, so this lad must have been sitting right on my shoulder. He trashed my car soon after, and stole my credit cards.

I managed to get close to a wind turbine today, and found it framed in floofy clouds. Job done.

This lady donkey was attending a wedding at the local church. I think she'd already eaten her hat. And most of the flowers.

The galaxy's most evil chicken. Maybe I should give J. J. Abrams a call?

The camera loved this magnificent lad. Those horns!

I'm not sure if he's dozing off or enjoying a private joke. We may be related.

A little bokeh before we finish. Yes, linseed again. Lovely stuff.

Mr. Abrams was in agreement. May I present (spoiler alert!)...


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