Thursday, December 23, 2010

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlefolk

To the tune of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.*

(* Oh go on, sing it! You know it'll be fun!)

God rest ye merry, gentlefolk!
__Let nothing you dismay!
For Mssrs. Roth and 'Difficult
__Are saving Christmas Day!
They're bending rules and breaking laws
__To make sure all's okay
Great tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
__Great tidings of comfort and joy

It started with a simple note,
__Delivered Christmas Eve
Old Santa's gone, the message said,
__Us elves, we can't believe
There's no-one here to run the show,
__Saint Nick you must retrieve!
Roth, please help us and find the old boy, find the old boy,
__Roth please help us and find the old boy

A task like this was far too big
__For one man to succeed
So Roth called on iDifficult
__And told him of his need
I've just the thing, said 'Difficult,
__To Santa it will lead!
And unveiled a magnificent new toy, to find the old boy,
__Wow, a Santa seeking-missile, what a toy!

They both hopped on and blasted off
__Into the twilight sky
The radar showed no sign of him,
__Both east and west were tried
Then on a hunch, Roth steered them South,
__And then he gave a cry
At the South Pole! That jolly fat old boy! Santa Ahoy!
__In Antarctica, that jolly fat old boy!

They swooped in low, the radar sang,
__And Santa they did spy!
A prisoner of Jack Frost he was,
__With no word of a lie
A cage of ice, with penguin guards,
__A rescue they must try!
Roth just grinned and said that he had a ploy, to save the old boy,
__And hoped 'Difficult had brought all the right toys!

They landed safe just out of sight,
__And rummaged in the hold
A penguin suit, and burlesque clothes,
__A chainsaw and some gold
So Roth got dressed to try the plan,
__In the Antarctic cold
And he knew they would rescue the old boy! With him as decoy!
__Oh, these heroes, they would rescue the old boy!

The penguin guards just gawped at first,
__Could not believe their eyes!
A sexy dancing penguin babe,
__With garters on her thighs!
They rushed at Roth, then fought for dibs
__They wanted the first prize!
Roth just gave them some bump and grind, so coy! What a bad boy!
__As they fought away he tiptoed off, oh boy!

Behind the fray, young 'Difficult
__Freed Santa from the ice
The chainsaw made it easy work,
__He leapt free in a trice!
The penguins had forgotten Roth
__And how he'd looked so nice
So they legged it for 'Difficult's cool toy! Boosters deploy!
__And the trio blasted north upon that toy!

Jack Frost sent off a storm of snow
__And hoped that they'd get stuck
But Santa had some magic left,
__They had no need for luck
I'll get you next year! Frost did scowl,
__And Santa cried, You Schmuck!
And they flew to the North and certain joy! North pole ahoy!
__Roth and Difficult has rescued the old boy!

Their rescue done, they touched right down,
__The elves sent up a cheer!
Forget the milk and cookies lads,
__Said Santa, Who's for beer?
They toasted Life and Love and Friends,
__And Hope for the New Year!
And then Santa delivered worldwide joy! To all girls and boys!
__And great tidings of comfort and joy!


With love,

Indigo, King, Yavin, Hoth, Sollust, Bear, Clarice, and Abbey x

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Or At Least A Christmas Card

It's not been the best of weeks.

I'm tired. Work has been insane. Long hours, too many days. Sleep has been a luxury.

I'm adrift on blog entries, one of my great pleasures. Forgive me, Father, it's been nine days since my last entry.

Not one of mine, but pretty much where I am right nowI'm broke, though there's nothing new there. Working in Her Majesty's Secret Service is not the life of Riley that you might imagine. I must drop her a note sometime, or at the very least a Christmas card.

I'm behind on a creative project for a friend. I'm really enjoying it, and it's going well, but it needs some time and a clear head to get it finished. A bit of inspiration would go amiss, too.

I'm ignoring everything else. Blogs have gone unread, mails unanswered, movies unwatched, and I've not fed the cat. Luckily, I don't have one.

And I'm sensing the imminent arrival of Christmas, though to be fair I've had that since the Summer. I suspect I'm not alone.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty burned out.

But hey, I've had worse. And I'm a Roth, dammit! It'll pass.

Until then, the only other thing I need to deal with is the anonymous person who's been dumping zebras in my recycling bin*. The bin men won't touch them!

[* I have a pretty good idea who it might be. ]

I'll keep grinding away. I'll be victorious.

For everyone else who feels the same, stick with it.

You're amazing, and never let them tell you different.


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Photo borrowed from, with thanks!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

With A Skip In My Mental Gait

I don't believe in signs.

You know, Omens. Portents.

It's too easy to want something so badly that you tease meaning out of chaos and call it a harbinger of its fulfilment.

Tripe. Clearly.

The sound of a letter hitting the doormat is a rarely heard in my house; I deal with everything electronically these days. Oh sure, I get junk mail, but that sounds different.

This has a more satisfying thud.

I put down my tea and shuffle down the hallway towards the front door. As I glance at the letter, I immediately know what it is.

Three weeks ago, I'm choosing one of my blog entries to submit for an anthology that's being published later this year. I find the choice difficult for two reasons. Firstly, I'm rather proud of them all, but second - and more important - I haven't go the faintest clue what will go down well with a publisher.

Eventually, I decide to submit a tidy and typically offbeat entry called A Disconcerting Little Tune which I published back in June*. And, with an excited little skip in my mental gait, off it goes via email.

[* You can click the link if you don't recall it.]

Two weeks ago, I receive an upbeat and rather congratulatory mail. They've accepted my blog entry for publication! It's going to be in a nice paperback book in December. I'll see no money for it, of course, but still. I'm being published.

I feel rather giddy as I fill out a pair of contracts. But I notice with some irritation that Wicked East Press are Publishers of Fine Fiction.

Hey, it's a fictional anthology!

Good grief, I know my life is unconventional, but anyone would think that I make this stuff up!

It makes no odds, though; I'm proud that I'll have a tale in the Cup Of Joe - Coffee House Flash Fiction anthology.

I sign and date the contracts and despatch them off to South Carolina.

Back in the now, I examine the envelope on the doormat with an degree of disbelief. I almost invent the word bewildishment to describe my thoughts adequately.

Tailor-made for RothThe lovely handwritten address draws the eye, and the bulge of my folded contract inside urges my spirit do a touchdown shuffle.

But it's the stamps that make my heart pound.

The stamps are made for me. They are me!

The first thing that goes through my head?

It's a sign! A good omen! A portent of future success!

But I don't believe in signs. Right?

It's a sign!

I'm demanding the resignation of my subconscious.


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