Wednesday, September 29, 2010

With A Skip In My Mental Gait

I don't believe in signs.

You know, Omens. Portents.

It's too easy to want something so badly that you tease meaning out of chaos and call it a harbinger of its fulfilment.

Tripe. Clearly.

The sound of a letter hitting the doormat is a rarely heard in my house; I deal with everything electronically these days. Oh sure, I get junk mail, but that sounds different.

This has a more satisfying thud.

I put down my tea and shuffle down the hallway towards the front door. As I glance at the letter, I immediately know what it is.

Three weeks ago, I'm choosing one of my blog entries to submit for an anthology that's being published later this year. I find the choice difficult for two reasons. Firstly, I'm rather proud of them all, but second - and more important - I haven't go the faintest clue what will go down well with a publisher.

Eventually, I decide to submit a tidy and typically offbeat entry called A Disconcerting Little Tune which I published back in June*. And, with an excited little skip in my mental gait, off it goes via email.

[* You can click the link if you don't recall it.]

Two weeks ago, I receive an upbeat and rather congratulatory mail. They've accepted my blog entry for publication! It's going to be in a nice paperback book in December. I'll see no money for it, of course, but still. I'm being published.

I feel rather giddy as I fill out a pair of contracts. But I notice with some irritation that Wicked East Press are Publishers of Fine Fiction.

Hey, it's a fictional anthology!

Good grief, I know my life is unconventional, but anyone would think that I make this stuff up!

It makes no odds, though; I'm proud that I'll have a tale in the Cup Of Joe - Coffee House Flash Fiction anthology.

I sign and date the contracts and despatch them off to South Carolina.

Back in the now, I examine the envelope on the doormat with an degree of disbelief. I almost invent the word bewildishment to describe my thoughts adequately.

Tailor-made for RothThe lovely handwritten address draws the eye, and the bulge of my folded contract inside urges my spirit do a touchdown shuffle.

But it's the stamps that make my heart pound.

The stamps are made for me. They are me!

The first thing that goes through my head?

It's a sign! A good omen! A portent of future success!

But I don't believe in signs. Right?

It's a sign!

I'm demanding the resignation of my subconscious.


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  1. You gotta luv Facebook - now I can see when you post a new blog entry just like that! Many heartfelt congratulations about the anthology - boy, will that feel amazing when you actually own a copy and see your work written down. How many times will you read and reread it then? Oof, doesn't bear thinking about. But the signs are good. Very, very good indeed, Indigo.

  2. red, white, and Indigo blue... perfect!

  3. Congrats, baby! Fiction, shmiction, as long as you're being published, hooray!

    Tomorrow's my deadline to submit to an anthology for St. Louis writers, and I have two pieces I'm polishing up... As always, I'm ambivalent, and want to reflect on them tomorrow a little more before sending... Ugh, the self-doubt...

    And, yes, the stamps-- ho ho-- the stamps bode very, very well for Mr. Indigo! Yay!


  4. Hey Steph! Cheers, m'dear! I had some art published when I was eleven, then a letter here and an editorial there, but never anything like this. I'm quite giddy still. No idea how I order a copy (or twelve) yet, but it'll be a nice warm-up encouragement to publish my first year's blog entries sometime soon.

    Hey Eolist! See?! IT'S A SIGN!

    Hey Leah! Don't doubt a thing, you're terrific. Get 'em submitted and give us the good news soon.

    Thanks one and all! Indigo

  5. What a wonderful chain of events! I feel super happy for you, if you do not want to see it s a sign, at least see it as a weight that tips the scales in your favour :)
    Maximo kudos dear Sir

  6. American flag stamps make you that happy? Now I know what to get you for your birthday! Congrats on being a published blogger! I can't think of a more deserving writer.

  7. Hey CatLady! Thank you, I'm a bit giddy about it myself. It's a way off yet, mind. I'm just keeping fingers crossed that it comes off. And how cool were those stamps?!