Sunday, May 25, 2014

And A Romantic One To Finish

Well, Sunday again, and not a word written. The good news is I have some concrete ideas ready to roll, but I have been somewhat distracted by the demands of job hunting. So, as is quickly becoming my norm, here's some nice pikchers.

The view across the back gardens of a quaint local village. Quite why (and how) I was in this back garden I cannot say. What would the Americans say? "I plead the Fifth."

Some kind of iris next to a pond. Hence the netting. Tho it gives is a "Matrix" feel, don't you think? Of all the flowers by the pond, this is The One. "Do you think that's water you're drinking?"

I believe this is a campanula, in one of those hues that gardeners insist on calling "blue" rather than "purple". I object on chromatic grounds, Yer Honour!

A Californian poppy with Forget-Me-Nots chasing. Perhaps they're pilot fish of some sort? I like the colour contrast, whatever they are.

Love-in-a-Mist. I have no idea why. I assume botanists smoke much of what they grow, and then name them. It makes me think of the deadly blooms in Jumanji.

Pink. Definitely.

My folks' back garden. Yes, yes, all arty and from ground level. It's amazing what the lens can do to upright things; those camapula are fine upstanding citizens normally.

An unusual post box, the first rural one I've seen embedded in a wall. I stopped the car suddenly, and narrowly avoided a remodelling of my tail section.

This is what the Boffins in Cambridge call "a chimney".

A couple of shifty-looking jackdaws...

... yes, they're definitely up to something.

So tell me... PICTURE 1 or...

... PICTURE 2? I'm divided.

Thistles! For Alistair and Gabrielle, who have been patiently waiting for me in Scotland for months. I'll be there soon, you two, honest injun!

A wild rose! Yes, a romantic one to finish.


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Sunday, May 18, 2014

As Most Are Obvious

It's too hot here to write.

So, with apologies to Minnesota, who I'm told will be knee-deep in snow 'til August, here are some summery photos. I'm not even going to clutter them with words, as most are obvious.


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Saturday, May 10, 2014

No Distinguishing Features

I've felt recently that life does not contain enough intellectual rigour.

On a typical day, I rarely encounter much that requires me to rub more than a handful of brain cells together. I mean, do I walk to work or drive? Wear blue socks or black? Or order a Mighty Meaty pizza with jalapeños or a Pepperoni Passion with black olives? Or both? *

* I know, a total no-brainer.]

You see the problem. And it worries me. I don't want to lose my razor-keen mind; I may need it sometime.

Someone suggested that a white jigsaw might be the way to go. Have you seen those? One thousand similar-looking pieces, with no distinguishing features beyond edge pieces? I love jigsaws, have endless patience, and it would be a real brain-tickler of a challenge.

But no, I need more.

As you may know know, I'm an old hand at the Rubik's Cube. What could be more of a challenge than taking The Cube to the next level?

The ultimate brain-tickler?It's my own design, and I can't put it down.

I'm sticking close to the phone in case Parker Brothers call.

Thanks, Indigo

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Monday, May 05, 2014

Making A Reasonable Argument

It's been a day of intrigue here in Cambridge.

King - our resident lion, connoisseur of zebras, and stealer of neckties - is an ambassador at the British Embassy. And occasionally he brings his work home with him.

This morning, I awoke to find him in my living room with the head of state for Antarctica, The Penguin Kaiser "Free Willy" Wilhelm.

Indigo Roth presents The Penguin Kaiser(Worth a click to check out his uniform)

After some introductions, I expressed my surprise, as I felt sure Antarctica was a nationless continent. The little old rockhopper gave me the red-eye and declared in a heavy Germanic accent, that:

Ve are a new nation, ja? Many have staked a claim to ze continent, but who iz bedder to claim zovereignty than ze indigenous inhabitants?

This seemed an entirely reasonable argument. And as a penguin, he seemed entirely representative. He continued:

Ve vill soon take our place on ze vorld stage. Ve are an expanding nation, and at some point, ve vill need lebensraum!

I frowned, trying to remember this word. King stepped in and translated it for me as "living room".

A few minutes later, after a flurry of Teutonic curses, I had the house to myself again; King had exited with his colleague, to escort him back to his Embassy.

I'm a reasonable guy.

But nobody messes with my living room.


Dedicated to my zookeeping matey Dazza Jordan
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Sharing A Brief Smile

Today is a beautiful Sunday.

Contrary to my usual behaviour, I think I'll go out and enjoy the sunshine. But I'd like to share a smile with you, albeit briefly, so I'll leave you with this bit of iconic fun.

Somewhere, Tony Montana is cursing from his Scarface graveThis is definitely worth a click.

Enjoy your day.


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You can see the original film poster here