Wednesday, February 23, 2011

* When Dreaming in Dolby

This blog entry has been removed, revised and included in the romping sci-fi epic TESTAMENT: FUNNY BADGERS by Indigo Roth, Red Angel Publishing, 2013.

Its reference in the book is ABBEY 3:1-50

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  1. You had me at leviathan.

  2. dreamscapes; both amazing and frightening...
    i had one of my own last night involving Roth. Indigo Roth. red silk shirt. purple tie. black tux. seated in the corner of a dimly lit restaurant. no idea how i got there, tho i remember wondering if they'd finally reopened the Euthanasia Curry House... and then i was swimming in a beautiful blue lagoon...

  3. Awesome!! My dreams are like this too.

    They are never normal or tame. Crazy things. At least there was pizza at the end of it!!

  4. Splendidly written chum, as always I was right with you at every twist. Last night I dreamt about USB storage devices... there was nothing odd about it, apart from the conversation with Tetris pieces...

  5. Yes, but were you drooling while dreaming? I hate when that happens.

    Oh, Squicks! (my word verification)

  6. Hey Joshua! Nice to see you here matey. I'm delighted I had you precisely there, tho truth be told I'm delighted I had you anywhere in this tale.

    Hey Eolist! Her Majesty's Finest would never mix clothes with such abandon, but the good news is the Euthenasia Curry House is still alive and well. It just vanished for a while We had nothing to do with it. Erm.

    Hey Kato! I preferred thi sone to last night's, which resulted in me chewing my tongue while I slept. Man, is it sore today. I can't even remember the dream!

    Hey Robbie! Thanks old son, it's always a pleasure to hear that. USB sticks? Hmmm, curious, though I did see a dog-shaped one the other day that drew power from the socket while humping it. And yes, it worked as a memory stick. Somewhat distracting, mind.

    Hey CatLady! SQUICKS?! Quick, those are baby squiddrels! Run, for the love of all that is sane, RUN!!

    Thanks one and all! Indigo

  7. Last night, a tummy filled with junk food consumed while watching the really dreadful Oscar show launched me into a whole bevy of strange dreams. None that I can recall as vividly as yours though. Are you sure mind-altering drugs weren't involved?

  8. Fishoutofsea01/03/2011, 03:06

    Ha ha this is a great story :3 Next time I need a good story to tell I might dig through your archives (with credit to you, of course!)

  9. Hey Jayne! I think watching the Oscars in the first place is pretty trippy, but no, no drugs. I'm terrified of what my fertile imagination would come up with if I messed with it chemically.

    Hey Ms. Fish! lovely to see you here! You go right ahead, but make sure you send those impressionable young minds my way. Ooooh, I could start a cult!

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  10. Fishoutofsea02/03/2011, 12:18

    Yes a cult! For surrealists xD