Sunday, May 15, 2011

* A Sense Of Completism

This blog entry has been removed, revised and included in the romping sci-fi epic TESTAMENT: FUNNY BADGERS by Indigo Roth, Red Angel Publishing, 2013.

Its reference in the book is 1 ROTH 9:1-21

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  1. Posterity is a better audience than anyone that's alive right now. You're writing - it's valuable and that's all you can control. As for guys being idiots - NOBODY can control that! And posterity will forget them, as will the pretty woman :)

    Your friend and fan Steph

  2. hmmm... that girl didn't happen to be me did she?

    the end of the tale will come when it's ready and not before. until it does, enjoy your window. x

  3. What? You didn't run out to ask the young lass if she wanted to share in your bounty whilst her clod of a boyfriend ignores her? Missed opportunities, my friend! Then again, there is some saying about a way to a man's heart being through his stomach. If she's carrying a pizza next time, jump on it!

  4. I love this. I felt like I was sitting in the window next to you.

    Only the girl that got my attention was blonde.:-)

  5. Well, you've definitely got MY attention, my friend. Beautiful prose and a pizza guy who climbs a ladder to deliver to your window. You're just freakin' awesome!

  6. Hey Steph! True enough, though that doesn't stop the sinful shallowness!

    Hey Eolist! It's like a table that's covered with chunks of assembled jigsaw. a bit of rearranging, a few pieces to connect them...

    Hey BoomBoom! You know, Ms. Larew, that's probably why I'm single? Damn my slow reflexes and British reserve!

    Hey Chrissy! Thank you, that's a fabulous thing to hear. As for your latest girl crush, tell me moooore...

    Hey Jayne! Hell, me and 'Difficult had them deliver to a moving bicycle once - we're pros!

    Thanks one and all! Indigo

  7. Very nice, Indigo.

    I, too, await the break-through as a blogger. Not sure what it takes, but whatever it is, it certainly won't happen in the summer. Yikes but numbers are down!!!


  8. Hey Pearl! I'm writing for me for my own satisfaction for the most part, but the tiny part that craves an audience is still rather loud. I'm a true Brit, and not very good at self-promotion; I need some of that all-American spirit! May I whoop now? Thanks, Indigo x

  9. And by the way Pearl, your numbers are an order of magnitude higher than mine, and deservedly so! Mine were way higher when I wrote smaller entries every day. Hmmm, I'm talking about numbers again, aren't I? Indigo

  10. I've read through quite a few of your posts while lunching. I've very much enjoyed them.

    This post reminds me of the song lyrics from an old Indigo Girls song. Thought you might enjoy it since you share a similar first name with them (I don't remember the song name though)

    "I sit two stories above the street
    it's awful quiet here since love fell asleep
    there's life down below me though...
    Some time long ago we were taught
    that whatever kind of puzzle you got
    you just stick the right formula in
    a solution for every fool..."

    I've often felt that way in the past. If only all of life could have a good pizza. That is a solution I would buy/bite into!

  11. Hey cbeck! Welcome to the blog! Keep reading - did you see the Indigo 101 page in the sidebar? It's not just cakes and funny badgers. I must confess I'd not heard of the Indigo Girls, but if you see them, please point them my way. And I totally agree about the pizza. In an extra large way. Indigo

  12. Ah, I actually did not see that 101 sidebar. Even though its not just, I do hope there are at least *some* cakes and badgers. Cheers~

  13. Plenty of badgers, but if you want badgers AND cakes, you'll have to start reading THE LONG ROAD HOME - Enjoy!

  14. mmm I want Pizza now... as I often do :)
    You are right in your observation, it's all to easy for us to take for granted of the wonderful things and people that life lends us. I like to think, to make up for it, he took her out for dinner and turned the phone off :)

  15. I think this may have hightlighted a character flaw of mine. As soon as you mentioned pizza, I drooled on the keyboard and reached for the phone...

    So anyway, this telescope you have trained out of the bedroom window?

  16. Hey 'Difficult! Hey Robbie! Dammit, now I'm hungry too! Sorry, what were you both saying? Roth

  17. Sounds lovely!!! Wish I was there to share it!