Sunday, August 14, 2011

* For A Stirring Chorus Rendition

This blog entry has been removed, revised and included in the romping sci-fi epic TESTAMENT: FUNNY BADGERS by Indigo Roth, Red Angel Publishing, 2013.

Its reference in the book is MAX 4:1-54

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  1. goodness. makes me wonder just how long its been since my shadow had a good day out...

  2. I would have loved the cherry eclair. And probably the shadow charades as well. I certainly loved this piece!

  3. Hey Eolist! I wasn't even aware theydid such things, so what a poor host I am. They're like gall bladders; you never miss them 'til they're gone.

    Hey Blissed-Out! Thank you Nancy, I really enjoyed my Sunday scribbling this one down. And I'll be sure to bring a kirsch eclair for you the next time I'm over.

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  4. You captured the moment perfectly. I only realised yesterday that we got the appointment with Dr Freud that Mr Hitler didn't attend. He was invited but he didn't turn up.

  5. Oooh, today's word was sinessaf.

  6. Question.

    Why is he a 'part-time evil genius'?
    Is he genius part-time, evil part-time or a full-time part-time evil genius?
    What does he do the rest of his time?

    Ok Indigo, I know these are questions rather than 'question' but help me out here.

    I don't get the kirch thing either. Amaretto I would bodyswerve in an instant, but kirsch - well, that beauty would probably not even touch my lips on the way down.

    Vienna - or Wien to us German speakers - is the perfect place for superb pastries and even better coffee - and to plan your visit for the fin de siecle was pure {part-time, probably not so evil} genius. Who's idea was that?

    How nice of the shadows to play charades and not that old cliche thing of Dog/Rabbit/Bird. That's so passe.

    I hope you said hello to Siggy for me. And his Mum. Lovely woman but she had the capacity to disturb somehow. She was certainly memorable that's for sure.


  7. Hey matey! Actually, he did turn up, but was late. And not best pleased about this snub from the Austrian doctor. Hmmm.

    Hey Alistair! Damn, many questions...

    Part-time evil genius? I'm not sure; I just copied it from his business card. You'll have to check with him. Apropos of nothing, did you know that he invented virtually fat-free lard?

    Amaretto is a godly brew, excellent with coffee, ice cream and crumbly bikkies. And yes, all at the same time, mixed up. Heaven. As for me, I'm just not a cherry fan, despite liking Dr. Pepper.

    The destination? Totally not me. I thought we were heading to Dallas, November 1963. But apparently 'Difficult couldn't find his bullet-proof underpants. Still, as you say, turn of the century sustenance was rather nice.

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  8. Excellent, except now I'm going to be watching my back. I suspect my shadow's devious.

  9. Hey Joshua! Yes indeed. We eagerly await your blogging treatise on THE SECRET LIFE OF SHADOWS (AND HOW MINE TRIED TO KILL ME). Avoid bright lights. Oh, and daylight. Indigo

  10. You definitely have the biggest imagination of anyone I know my friend.

    I love the part about Freud's mother. I touch my nose at you Indigo!

  11. Hey Kato! Thank you on many counts. I wanted to include 'Difficult's favourite joke about KENTUCKY FREUD CHICKEN ("it's motherf***ing good!") but I figured it was too coarse for my notoriously clean blog. And most of the audience would be too young to remember the advert anyway. Being 42 sucks occasionally. Indigo x

  12. Wonderfully drafted Sir! As Kato says, you have a top notch imagination thats a joy to swim in :)

  13. Hey Robbie! You're too kind, Sir. This is just fun, and thankfully nothing like real work. Ooooh, nice Speedos! Indigo

  14. Now I'm humming "Me and My Shadow" to myself, imagining you and 'Difficult in top hat and tails strolling down the avenue.

  15. Hey Boom Boom! And damn, we looked classy doing it! Indigo