Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Suitcase Of Used Notes

Dear Reader,

I must apologise for the delay with Part Three of The Long Road Home. Circumstances (well, alligators) beyond my control are keeping me from my computer.

I feel this is an excellent excuse that will merit your trust, being both implausible and basically true.

But to sate your relentless appetite for The Truth, I present a photo that I received under plain cover this morning with a blackmail note.

This could be his finest hourAh, the folly of youth.

I seem to recall that my mother keeps an 8x10 of this on the mantlepiece.

In fact, she may have sent the note.

I must remember to take flowers when I visit for Mother's Day tomorrow. Some really nice ones.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you maternal types out there.

You're the best.


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  1. a yes, the photo that serves as a testament to your mother that you listened when she said; "Indigo, I told you why! It's cold out there! SO JUST WEAR YOUR HAT!"

  2. Can't decide what team to support? Don't want to offend anyone with the wrong strip? Go naked.

  3. 'The folly of youth'

    Don't worry Indigo - we've all had bad haircuts at one time or other!

    It's a bit drastic if your Mums still exploiting the situation though. It's a bit off too that although your Dad's bringing you a coat that he too has forgotten to bring a hat - or gloves.......

    Nice of those policemen to help you wait for him though. You just don't get Bobbies as helpful as that these days.

  4. Hey Eolist! It's like you were THERE! And thank you, I needed a laugh =)

    Hey 'Difficult! Fair's fair, I lost the bet. I can't believe I lost TEN times in a row on your "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose" concession. Ready for a rematch? I have a good feeling this time. And a better haircut.

    Hey Alistair! It could have been worse! A few weeks later, I sported a bad moustache and entered what is generally referred to as my Bader Meinhof period. This ended after I lost ANOTHER bet with 'Difficult at the local post office. He'll explain sometime.

    Thanks one and all! Indigo

  5. Is that really you. Because I'm terribly gullible and if you say it is, I'll believe you -- and I'll be very proud to be your friend. ;)

  6. Hey Jayne! Yes, be proud of me! I narrowly avoided being sent up the river; I was acquitted on grounds of diminished manhood. But then, it was a very cold day. Indigo

  7. Diminished manhood or not, I'm damned proud of you too, my dear boy! Happy Mother's Day to your mum!

  8. And that's my keyboard covered in PG Tips.

  9. Hey BoomBoom! I believe that Mama Roth had a lovely day, tho the subject of the photo was never raised. Too many folk about, perhaps? And thank you!

    Hey Joshua! Any day in which I am a catalyst for tea spraying (especially one so quintessentially English as PG Tips) is a good one.

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  10. You can thank @cguzzan on Twitter for turning me onto it. Best part is that they sell it at my grocer here in Georgia. Gets me through the day, and replaces most of my Red Bull addiction.

  11. Hey Joshua! It must be way cheaper, too! Red Bull is what? Three bucks a can? The cost of a cup of tea is negligible, unless you succumb to the cakes and biscuits! Indigo

  12. Hahaha! This is great!

  13. Well well....I always knew you were different.

    Had no idea you were an exhibitionist.

    Looks good from here!

  14. Hey Ms. Fin! Happy days! And thank you.

    Hey Kato! Exhibitionist? ME?! Not at all, we were filming a video for UNCLOTHED MELODY. By the way, he's not covering me with his hat, he's retrieving it from where it was hanging.

    Thanks to you both!

  15. Well thank you, and yes, I ARE the best, now that I think of it...


  16. Hey Pearl! You is indeed. Indigo

  17. An amazing writer, big hearted, charming and a hat stand. Are there no end to your talents?

  18. Hey Robbie! Too kind matey. But of course, this was in my youth; it was actually shot off during the first Gulf War. Indigo