Friday, April 29, 2011

* Interlude: An Equation For String

This blog entry has been removed, revised and included in the romping sci-fi epic TESTAMENT: FUNNY BADGERS by Indigo Roth, Red Angel Publishing, 2013.

Its reference in the book is UNITY 3:1-150

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  1. do i need wonder where the rain came from?

  2. "I hate the idea of letting these Suits pull the plug on something they don't understand." It's what they do, again and again. Good luck to Nesh.

  3. Fascinating twists and exquisite writing. I also love the whole atmosphere of it. Truly looking forward to the next part! :)

  4. Hey Eolist! In England? No. Central? Trickier. Perhaps they shipped some in from Michigan? And if they ever need snow or mosquitoes...

    Hey Blissed-Out! Thank you Nancy, and yes, they sure do. Wish I didn't work for them!

    Hey Steph! Too kind, ma'am, not sure I deserve it. But I'm a gentleman, and will accept the compliment with good grace; thank you.

    Thanks one and all! Indigo

  5. I do so enjoy these little forays into the dimension that holds your reality. (Or at least in this case, the dimension that holds Elliot's reality.) Now, where did I put that string?

  6. Do you mean Jeffrey Pinkerton-Pinkerton-Smythe?

    I used to date his sister. Damn fine filly.....

    {Good job you have your case tied with string too}

  7. No! No! They mustn't eliminate Roth's reality. What a quirky, fun read, my friend. I'm totally sucked in. More!

  8. I need this in book form, Indigo, to carry with me.

    On the bus.

    In my reality.

    LOVE Love love your writing.


  9. Hey Boom Boom! Thank you, Ms. Larew! Apparently string can be bought at any hardware store, but I've never seen it. I figured it was specialist equipment.

    Hey Alistair! No, that's the Berkshire Pinkerton-Smythes. This fella's from the Essex Pinkerton-Smythes, a less salubrious bunch by all accounts.

    Hey Jayne! It's in Elliot's hands now. And thank you, I like Quirky. Just the final part to go now, but possibly a couple of smaller entries before then. Maybe even one about water-skiing? Oooh, I'm such a tease...

    Hey Pearl! Now there's an idea. And, as ever, you're too kind. I feel it should be the other way round; your prolific reports are a consistent pleasure, easily the best I read.


    Thanks one and all, Indigo

  10. Ooooo....! You need to tie that string to me so that when the trip to an off limit event happens....I will be there!

    Wonderful story, once again!

  11. Indigo!!! Great work Sir - you had me rapt the whole way through, so very much enjoying each installment =D

  12. Hey Kato! You can tie yourself to me anytime, but I have no hot water today for ablutions, so maybe you might prefer a fairly long piece of string. I'm just saying.

    Hey Robbie! Thank you Sir, I had major doubts about the viability of this entry (long, technical, light on laughs) but you've just said all the right things. And you just wait 'til the finale! Bring your hanky!

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  13. This is both fun and a compelling read. Plenty of room for imagination. Normally a part 3 of 4 is stodgy or limp. This is great stuff.

  14. Hey matey, thank you. Dialogue is way more fun than prose, which I think is the only thing that stops this drifting into stodge. It started as a brief brainfart, but expanded into dimensional exposition and anti-corporation rantiness after the end of the tax year. But Elliot took over, of course. He's too much fun. And now we're ready for the punchline. Indigo