Sunday, June 26, 2011

* Bumping Into Furniture

This blog entry has been removed, revised and included in the romping sci-fi epic TESTAMENT: FUNNY BADGERS by Indigo Roth, Red Angel Publishing, 2013.

Its reference in the book is BADGERS 4:1-56

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  1. Aw... I want my own badger. You're so lucky.

    And yes, the T & J cartoons of yesteryear are still the best.

    You and your friends have a lovely day, my friend.

  2. Sneaky Badgers!

    And with the guile of youthfull innocence to further misdirect your attention it seems like you were well and truly had.

    At least they ordered some beers as well - and you can't fault the taste in audio visual material either. You'e quite right. If it's not Fred Quimby, it's not worth the watching.

    Glad your day picked up. {even if the bank balance went down}

  3. Hey Jayne! You want one? They're industrious little sods, but they're also intensely curious, so you have to watch them; your cottage wouldn't be the first to greet the day in a new location due to wheels being fitted to it.

    Hey Alistair! I maintain that I'm not gullible, but I'm trusting. Those two are always up to something, and it's hard to be philosophical about it when you find them in scuba gear, and driving a water-filled Sherman tank round your back garden.

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  4. Man, I need to know the badgers you know. The only ones I've ever come across were feral. Didn't even ask before ordering pizza with my credit card and not even saving me a slice. Just one, half-eaten crust.

  5. Hey Joshua! These lads come from superior stock. One of their ancestors used to run offshore pyramid schemes. Amazing head for numbers and very ambitious; he now runs Panama. Indigo

  6. Beginning and ending with profound statements... delightful antics in the middle... I see what you're doing here.

    It's like a story sandwich - a midnight snack for the brain, right? :)

    And my, is that REAL Tom & Jerry? So much more entertaining that that silliness that passes as Tom & Jerry on the cartoon network these days!

  7. I love it! I want me a friendly badger to come over and *ahem*...force me to order pizza and watch cartoons.


  8. Hay Kato! Thank you for sharing my pain. Indigo x

  9. Sorry 'beck! Didn't see you there - you don't have a picture, matey! As for my structure, SSSH! It's a secret! And yes, like Alistair said - "If it's not Fred Quimby, it's not worth the watching." Actually, some of the Chuck Jones one's aren't bad. Ish. But the H&B sans Quimby and (good grief) the Gene Deitch ones are just ghastly. T&J Aficionado? Me? You know it, baby.

  10. Thanks Eolist! Their plans are rarely less than outstanding, the clever little buggers. Indigo x

  11. Ah... just what I needed to perk myself up! Tom & Jerry just get better with age... kind of like us!

  12. Hey Boom Boom! Exactly! But good grief, you have some serious catching up to do, ma'am! Enjoy! Indigo