Monday, June 13, 2011

* Dreams of Trinity

This blog entry has been removed, revised and included in the romping sci-fi epic TESTAMENT: FUNNY BADGERS by Indigo Roth, Red Angel Publishing, 2013.

Its reference in the book is UNITY 4-10:1-27

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  1. a fitting - and impressive - end to a life which has changed the world forever.

    well done! =) x

  2. Hey Eolist! As ever, thank you. Indigo x

  3. You have a gift, sir. Very well told.

  4. Hey Joshua! Thank you, you're too kind. It was hard work, and felt way too long when it was done. But that's not a new feeling, and it was the tale I set out to tell. I stand stout and proud! Indigo

  5. My gosh - a true epic, enjoyed every line immensely. Looking forward to the book! :)
    So glad you took up this blogging thing, you not only inspire you fulfil :)

  6. Aye - no bad. No bad at all.....

    Now I'm going to have to read the whole damn thing again!


    Aye -

    Thanks for that.....


    {Great stuff Indigo. What's next?}

  7. Hey Robbie! Clearly you're a man of wit and discretion; you're my kind of audience ;> Happy to deliver, even if it does consume me for weeks (like this one) on occasion.

    Hey Alistair! Next? You want to know what's NEXT?! A long lie down, I expect. And a return to core competencies. *thinks* Sorry, no, that's at the office, isn't it? Short tales, silly drawings, cunning photo-hackery and funny badgers. Perhaps more of adorable young Dantoo at some point, too; we need more girls in these tales. Wish I understood 'em.

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  8. Ah, yes, more of the lovely and oddly barefoot Abbey, indeed! (I've either missed or not read back far enough to see the origin of that eccentricity).

    A great end to the story, and not too long at all, when laced with such interest and intrigue. I believe Eolist described it all best in "Fitting".

    By the way, I am at last seeing what you are doing with who gets what colour dialogue. I am slow, I know.

    Also, that wouldn't be Helios rising at the end there, would it?

    Now before this comment gets any more rambly, I shall go. ~Cheers!

  9. Hey 'beck!

    Thanks for the kind words matey! There finally seems to be some momentum on comments after a couple of nervous days. "Interest and intrigue" I can live with, as I feared "long and self indulgent".

    And yes, colour is people, though pink (and purple sometimes) moves around, depending on the day. This time I needed orange, which goes nicely but is my least favourite colour. #fact

    There is no origin for Abbey's footloose and shoeless nature; she just does it. I suspect it may be badger related, but it honestly wasn't planned that way; these characters have a life of their own. I really must add her to my 101 page, as she's shown up a number of times now.

    But HELIOS RISING? Look, don't go getting all Nietzsche on me. I'm of no particular philosophical persuasion, with perhaps the exception of Courteous Deferentialism; Hobbes (or even Calvin) could kick Nietzsche's sorry arse any day.

    Anyway, best sign off - it looks like I'm more rambly than you, Sir!

    Thanks again, Indigo

  10. This is an amazing piece of work, my friend. I was truly transported. I can't even imagine what it took to concoct this tale. Certainly talent vastly beyond my own. Congratulations. It's really quite wonderful.

  11. A well-crafted tale, elegantly told! Thanks to you, my dear fellow, "This glorious life is never dull." Such a delightful surprise to come home to this story after my mundane travels this week. (No changing dimensions for me... just a long drive to a long conference.)

  12. Hey Jayne! Thank you, I'm very proud of it, so it's amazing to hear that it hit the spot. It's been a long and peculiar road to get here, but that's another story.

    Hey BoomBoom! As one of my longest-standing and loyalest followers (through thick and thin), I'm delighted that this tale delivered for you. Just for that, I'll write some more.

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  13. Fabulous stuff, Indigo. Entirely convincing in its detail and characterisation, at the same time sincere and moving. You are edging closer all the time to being able to take on a major piece of fiction - I hope you're starting to feel that for yourself. Well done. Very, very well done :)

  14. Hey Steph! Thank you, I'm definitely happy for characterisation to drive a tale. I thought about adding in more scenery, clothes and smells, but other than minor nudges I think I'd leave it alone. I'm glad it worked without! I appreciate the encouragement too, and I'll get cracking on it soon. Indigo

  15. Wow, that kicks butt. Well paced, kept me interested all the way through. Great tale. Bit of a spoiler though, I haven't done that bit of my life yet...

  16. Hey matey, thank you, glad you enjoyed. I think all my favourite entries are about you and me, so thanks for the inspiration. Roth

  17. And again, you tell a tale of wonder! I love your stories man, keep doing what you do!