Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making A Reasonable Argument

It's been a day of intrigue here in Cambridge.

King - our resident lion, connoisseur of zebras, and stealer of neckties - is an ambassador at the British Embassy. And occasionally he brings his work home with him.

This morning, I awoke to find him in my living room with the head of state for Antarctica, The Penguin Kaiser "Free Willy" Wilhelm.

Indigo Roth presents The Penguin Kaiser(Worth a click to check out his uniform)

After some introductions, I expressed my surprise, as I felt sure Antarctica was a nationless continent. The little old rockhopper gave me the red-eye and declared in a heavy Germanic accent, that:

Ve are a new nation, ja? Many have staked a claim to ze continent, but who iz bedder to claim zovereignty than ze indigenous inhabitants?

This seemed an entirely reasonable argument. And as a penguin, he seemed entirely representative. He continued:

Ve vill soon take our place on ze vorld stage. Ve are an expanding nation, and at some point, ve vill need lebensraum!

I frowned, trying to remember this word. King stepped in and translated it for me as "living room".

A few minutes later, after a flurry of Teutonic curses, I had the house to myself again; King had exited with his colleague, to escort him back to his Embassy.

I'm a reasonable guy.

But nobody messes with my living room.


Dedicated to my zookeeping matey Dazza Jordan
This blog entry is protected by copyright © Indigo Roth, 2011


  1. Ha! I love penguins. Send him over here!!

  2. send them over, i could still use a little help re-arranging my furniture. ;)

  3. Hey Kato! I hate to be species-ist, but they generally don't smell so good. And his uniform needed a serious dry-clean.

    Hey Eolist! He's despatched a division of his finest to take care of all your furniture movement needs. You are now the most distant outpost of the Antarctic Empire.

    Thanks to you both! Indigo

  4. Zookeeper Daz18/07/2011, 06:23

    So, those little critters have finally made their move. We've known about this blossoming empire for a while now at the zoo, and we've been keeping tabs on it. So, far, they're keeping their expansion peaceful, but we're getting rumours of bullying tactics towards the walruses that live nearby.
    The Zoological Society is watching you, Wilhelm. You have been warned.

  5. Hey Daz! The zoo is another outpost. Be vigilant, they're slippery little sods. And there's so many of them! You notice you never see them in ones and twos? Always a huddle of 'em. Indigo

  6. What, no happy feet dancing? What good is a penguin if he can't dance?!

  7. Hey Joshua! I'm sure he had a good line in goose stepping. I hava visionof a cross dressing penguin doing Liza Minelli's role in Cabaret, too. I'm sure there must be girl penguins, but I'm unsure how you'd tell? Show a film of someone being kicked between the legs and watch who winces? Indigo

  8. Smashing picture! And a man has a right to be protective of his living room :)

  9. Hey Robbie! Cheers matey, I shall defend it to the end. Tho I may occasionally let pizza delivery guys come to the front door. In twenty minutes time, for example. Indigo

  10. He's too lovely for words! But keep him there-- our heat wave would surely do him in!

  11. Hey Leah! Containment is key, it's true. And don't be deceived; he might look cute enough to feed by hand, but count your fingers after. Indigo x

  12. I do the BEST penguin impression in the world. Remind me to show you when I next see you.

    Love the pic!

  13. "Free Willy" Wilhelm is welcome to my living room. Have King bring him on over.

  14. Hey Boom Boom! I'll mention it to King, as Wilhelm has a bulldozer. Any good to you? Indigo