Friday, October 14, 2011

Indigo 101 Redux

Revised! Updated! Now with Abbey and extra badgers! And video!

Well, it's possible that I may be getting a new visitor or two. If I'd known that you were coming, I'd have baked a cake. Or got dressed.

I've nothing prepared, so here's a quick catch-up on my most popular/favourite blog entries. I've arranged them into a few categories, so you can choose the kind of stuff you like. Ooh, before we get going, I'd best do this:

Dramatis Personae

Indigo Roth - me. Author. Artist. Occasional spy. Frequent fool.
iDifficult/Max - my best friend. Part-time arch-genius. Unhinged.
Yavin - a badger engineer. Lives in the garden. Never speaks.
Abbey - my lovely neighbour. Always shoeless. Spiritually gifted.
Bear - a seven-foot tall black bear. Close friend and conscience.
King - a lion. Lives in my house. Steals my ties. Likes zebras.
Elliot - an elephant. Stoic parole officer assigned to iDifficult.

And just to warm you up, here's a self-portrait I drew for one of the entries below. * (It's worth a click to see detail)

One of my favourite pictures I've drawn. Ever.
My Favourite Stuff (Click a link)
- Thinking Outside The Box
- Rimsky Korsakov And Tonic
- Most Definitely Not Canon
- The Silence Of The Ducks

The Picture's The Thing
- Shaking The Family Tree
- Shoulda Been Armed For Bear
- In Awe Of Barefaced Talent
- Lawn Mowing Avoidance *

Adventures With iDifficult
- Just Like The Real Thing
- A Disconcerting Little Tune
- The Wisdom Of Invertebrates
- Super Rare Holographic Clergy

Lions And Badgers And Bears - Oh My!
- Ignore Any Quiet Knocking
- Sometimes They Even Think
- Taking Turns With Shrugs
- Some Scratching Of Chins
- Comfortable And Undemanding

The Abbey Arc
- Glacial In Its Glow
- It Must Be The Sunflowers
- The Butler Didn't Do It
- Receiving A Bad Grade

Dafter Stuff
- A Simple Flight Of Stairs
- Intervention In Aisle Three
- It All Ends With Jazz Hands
- Views From A Hill

Straighter Stuff
- For Today I Am The Dog
- Passing Into Mental Myth
- Stripped Of Red and Yellow
- Shifting Mental Loose Change

Longer Stuff
- A Shower Of Gravelly Memories
- Always A Cause To Dream
- A Ratchetting Of Vertebrae
- Manners Maketh The Man

- A Frozen Game Of Patience
- Catching Passes In Traffic
- Season Two Finale

And once you make sense of all that, you might make sense of this:

Thanks for reading!


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  1. :-) Glad that's all cleared up.

    Pizza tonight?


  2. Hey Pearl! You think I should have pizza tonight? Well, that's just spooky ;> Indigo x

  3. Interesting post. Wandered over via the Pay It Forward blogfest. Nice to meet you.

  4. So what if I understand the chart over the rest? Am I smarter for it?..haha

  5. You forgot to add "Genius" to your descriptors. As in, "Pure Genius," as was everything in this post and picture. I especially like the multiple smiley face buttons on that keyboard.

  6. Hi Indigo! I'm here from Matthew's blog. Since zebras are my favorite animal (if you couldn't immediately tell from my blog), I'm rather uncomfortable with your King persona. I'm going to find my other stripey zebra pals and blend in with them to confuse you now.

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  7. Hey Donna! Welcome to the blog! As I mentioned over in your blog, the Blogfest was news to me. I'm not sure how I've become involved, but it's all good. I hope to see you over here soon; there's always something interesting going on with the badgers.

    Hey Pat! Welcome to the blog! The chart makes sense to you? Good man! I was rather impressed with your picture at the top of your blog, by the way. I hope you'll find plenty of creative stuff here for you to enjoy.

    Hey Laura! I popped over to your blog earlier to apologise for the zebras. I plead natural order, but that's of little comfort. I adore zebras, too, and wouldn't dream of eating one; they're always my favourites at our local wildlife park. I spotted you in your striped pyjamas, by the way.

    Hey Joshua! Too kind, sir! Oddly, in the four days of work the picture took me, the keyboard took up a whole day. Only one smiley was intentional - the 'U' with the umlaut was a happy coincidence! I'm sure you realised that each key was from a different language, tho I'll be impressed if you can identify all of them. I'll be even more impressed if I can. Did you spot the "Mastermind" gag? But thanks for noticing the details.

    Thanks one and all! Indigo

  8. Hello! I stopped over here from Joshua's site. I love your blog! Consider me a new follower. :)

  9. I'm following your blog on one condition...

  10. Hey Emily! Welcome to the blog! And thank you, you're too kind. Keep reading!

    Hey Daft Scots Lass! Hey, there's always cake. Stick around, I'll brew some tea. Will that meet your condition...?

    Thanks one and all! Indigo

  11. Vanilla tea and a slice of homemade chocolate cake will do the trick nicely.

  12. Hey Lass! Righto, I'll pop the oven on. Bring your hungry. Oh, and I added you to my sidebar blogroll. *raises hat* See you later, Indigo

  13. That self-portrait is totally amazing! A talented artist and writer. Such a richness of gifts, my friend.

  14. Hey Jayne! Thank you, I'm rather flattered =) The card was a lot of fun to do, tho it took a few days; amazing what you can do on PowerPoint when you set your bloody-minded mind to it. It's odd, but I think of myself as an artist far more than I do a writer. But it won't stop me writing a set of books that will spawn a movie franchise. I can't wait for the badger auditions! Indigo x

  15. *curtsey* why thank you sirrah!

  16. You're blogging naked? Eeek.

  17. Hey matey! I don't remember saying that? But yes. Always. If it was good enough for Hemingway, it's good enough for me. I'm old fashioned that way. Roth

  18. The Official Indigo Primer... at long last!

  19. Hey Boom Boom! You know it makes sense. Share and enjoy! Indigo x

  20. Hey!! I was told there'd be cake...


    1. Oh honey, there's ALWAYS cake.

      And when you come visit, I'll bake a fresh one.

      I may even let you have a slice x