Monday, July 02, 2012

* 30 Days Of Roth - Day 23

This blog entry has been removed, revised and included in the romping sci-fi epic TESTAMENT: FUNNY BADGERS by Indigo Roth, Red Angel Publishing, 2013.

Its reference in the book is iDIFFICULT 6:1-46

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  1. No trousers? Again?

    Should I start to worry old chap?

    Another tale remembered from its first outing and all the better for a second read. I hope you're making the best of the time you have from '30 days of Roth' and have knuckled down to get some work done and not been out enjoying coffee in the rain?

    After whetting appetites with some cracking stories you're building up a lot of expectation in this house.. . . .

    erm - not meaning to put you under any pressure though matey!


    {I'm WKD me}

    1. Alistair, Alistair... that was the whole point! And I can guarantee you I've done some very useful... thinking about it! So yes, a few nice little entries are on the cards, and a whacking great smoke-and-mirrors seven-part story.. called... "CEPHALOPOCALYPSE!" You heard it here first ;> Roth

  2. Cephalopocalypse Now - what a headline!

    1. Ooooh, I may have to steal that and pretend I thought of it...

  3. The reference to Scheherazade is perfect... after all, you are telling enough tales to keep us up all night!

    1. Hey Boom Boom! Well, some of us are more dedicated/daft than others. So thanks for reading ALL of these! As for the music, it's one of the few classical discs I own, and a true favourite. Indigo x