Friday, July 20, 2012

The Butler Didn't Do It

Sometimes, you get a break just when you need one.

It's October 2010. After some very stressful weeks getting important stuff done*, I was delighted to be invited to one of Bear's parties. He's just got engaged to his girlfriend Clarice, and I can think of no better reason to celebrate. Anyway, the pair of them love an excuse to dress up, so they decided to hold a murder-mystery party based on CLUEDO/CLUE.

[*Vague, I know.]

I just got back. Here's a picture of us, all dolled up.

CLUEDO, Bear style. The guy can party. (The picture's worth a click, there's tons of detail.)

From left to right:

Colonel Bear Mustard - The lad himself. Trust him to nab the best costume opportunity. But he carries it off magnificently, don't you think? The moustache was a nice touch; I can just see him sipping a gin and tonic in Poonah, India during the Reign of Victoria. And trust me, this fella can roar like a general.

Miss Clarice Peacock - Bear's beautiful fiancée. An American bear, originally from the deep woods in Augusta, Georgia. She'd not played the game before, so I explained that we were there to solve the murder of Doctor Black. For added realism, King provided a dead zebra, which he declared was Dr. Black-White, a close relative. I thought he'd never stop laughing.

Professor Indigo Plum - I dug out one of Uncle Idaho's old smoking jackets. I think he'd been smoking kippers in it. There was still one in the pocket, in fact. Luckily, there was time to dry clean it, else I'd never have got a date. On which subject...

Miss Abbey Scarlet - My lovely next door neighbour, and date for the evening. Blonde today, in a simple red t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Bare feet, as ever. Not exactly pulling out all the stops on the costume front, but every time she spoke to me I forgot my name.

Reverend iDifficult Green - Taking time off from invading Bolivia in a submarine, 'Difficult brought his own murder weapons along. I salute him; when he method acts, this guy goes deep. Of course, the Reverend's attire is his own. He's diverse.

"Mrs" T-101 White - A late addition to the party. This decommissioned Terminator has been in the shed for a while, but agreed to cross-dress to play the cook and make up the boy/girl ratio. He rather liked the idea, actually, and already had his own pig-tailed wig. Worrying. The chef's apron was another late addition; we didn't want to frighten the horses.

We had a lot of fun.

And the butler didn't do it.

It turned out it was iDifficult in the Garden with the Bazooka.

Some things never change.


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  1. Your lady friend is very stylish. Her red sweater and her toenails match! Well done! And I love you in a smoking jacket! All of you are very well turned out! Murder mystery parties are fantastic unless they go too far and then it can be a touch chaotic.

    1. Hey Linda! I'm a big fan of them too! And thank you, I like to think I can carry it off ;> Indigo x

  2. Love murder mystery parties. So many questions - what to cook, who to kill and where to hide the body.

    1. Or in fact, if you do it in a different order: who to kill, how long to cook them, and where to hide the leftovers.

  3. Hahaha! Sounds like an amazing invite me next time!

    1. Hey Kato! It'd be a lot of fun, I think. Abbey has dibsed the Peacock role this time, so you should be rocking as Miss Kato Scarlet! I can't wait! Indigo x