Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Toughest Back Nine Ever

What's twelve feet long, bright red, and eats people?

Local police weren't sure, but they kept finding bloodied napkins.

And shoes. Sooo many shoes.

The squiddrel, a genetically-engineered hybrid of red squirrel and colossal squid, was created by Dr. Max Tunguska (under his previous guise of arch-genius iDifficult). It's a long story, but quite an entertaining one.

Anyway, this photo was recovered from a mangled iPhone 4 on the tenth tee of my local golf course.
Indigo Roth and The Squiddrel Of DoomNobody expects the back nine to be this tough.

Oh, and for those who think the world doesn't have enough bizarre things in it already, this loveable homicidal creature now has its own Appreciation Society on Facebook.

I'm not kidding. Blame Max.

If iDifficult were here, he'd kick his arse.


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  1. Another reason I'll never take up golf. Or genetic engineering.

    1. Nancy, I salute you. Along with self irrigation and morris dancing, those two are definitely worth avoiding. Indigo x

  2. I am honoured to be a part of this society. If only because I think I can tame this beast. Let me at it and it will become a loving, cuddly little muffin that will sleep in bed with me and nibble my toes.


    1. *distracted*

      Oh, you mean the SQUIDDREL! Sorry, misread that. Yes, absolutely. He'd be putty in your hands, Kato!

      Indigo x

    2. I thought she was talking about you, too, Indigo.

      But the Squddrel? It will nibble at your toes, yes. But it won't stop there. Nice knowing you, Kato.

    3. Quite so, Joshua - be careful what you wish for, K!

  3. IDifficult is my conscience. Mostly absent and fairly indifferent. Love Max.

    1. Oooooh, kind've a Jiminy Cricket-type thing?! Cooool! And it leads nicely into today's blog entry. Go for it, Señor.